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My name is Michael Pizza.  I am 39 years old and for some time wanted to lose weight and tone up after realizing that my youthful metabolism had slowed down and a large pot belly had emerged.  I went to Phara Jourdan after consulting my primary care MD and insurance company.  At first I was apprehensive that any meeting with a dietician would do me any good.  I am a registered nurse and know what I “should” do to lose weight, at least intellectually.  Why did I need a dietitian to help me if I had all the right knowledge and information in my own brain?  

The answer–I had acquired such lousy eating habits throughout the years to compensate for stressful events in my life and did not think that those bad habits could be changed.  I was wrong. Phara has helped me out of a dark slump.  She coached me through good nutrition and balanced this with regular exercise so that I was able to lose 16 pounds to date, and I am still motivated to lose another 10 more lbs to reach my ideal weight goal.  Phara was able to see me through these changes because her knowledge on nutrition and her ability to connect with other people are excellent.  For someone like me, staying connected with a dietician through coaching motivates me so that I can reach my goals.  It also provides me with a good way to get some type of support while processing small changes with someone who can see me through to the end result.   

Phara was able to break down minor changes such as eliminating certain foods while replacing ”bad” foods with healthier choices in a concrete way.  She would use progress tools such a weekly food journal and write things down on paper so that abstract ideas could be realized practically.  I learned how to shop for food in a sensible way; by reading labels and knowing which foods were healthier for me.  I also learned how to eat when I felt hungry, not when my mind said something was missing.  

With Phara’s help, I learned how to eliminate soda and sugary foods, junk food, certain fatty foods, “bad” carbs and in return learned how to replace these items with more appropriate choices such as water, lean meats, more fruits and vegetables.  I learned in what quantity I should eat certain foods and I learned when I should eat during the day.  I also learned that by increasing my exercise level and applying the proper techniques, I would be that much closer to losing weight and reaching my ideal goal. 

Phara Jourdan’s technical knowledge on healthy eating combined with her ability to connect with people in a positive manner provided me with the right balance of skill and support so that I am well on my way to becoming fit and trim.   Thanks Phara! 

Michael Pizza 3/11/08

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